100% Human Hair Extensions

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Using the very best 100% human remy hair extensions, we will take your hair volume, length, style and colour to the next level with our tape system designed to keep your hair in great condition and give you long lasting, completely natural effects while looking virtually undetectable.

Our 100% Human Hair extensions are all root point correct and cuticle intact, they are all made from remy hair and offer the ultimate in quality and versatility. We offer 3 lengths of human hair, 25cm, 40cm and 50cm and 1 length of 40cm in heat proof fibre.

Hair is fine yet strong and secured to a durable application strip, this makes the extensions virtually undetectable, light and easy to wear, working in harmony with your own hair, you will forget that you’re wearing them.

Hair extensions last between 6-8 weeks, when a salon visit will carry out a quick and easy removal, re-application and styling and your hair will look just as fantastic as it did on the first application. The quality our hair means that the extensions can be re-used for between 3-9 months depending on aftercare and maintenance.

JFJ fully supports the responsible and ethical sourcing of hair used in hair extensions and wig making. All of our hair is sourced from traceable sources where hair donation is made willingly and the proceeds from the sale are put directly back into the local communities. Hair is supplied from the same network of suppliers for many years we are confident in the sourcing; processing and supply chains that every effort is made to ensure responsibility and ethicality.

Length extending extensions
Length extending re-application
Volume enhancing extensions
Volume enhancing re-application
Colour flash extensions
Colour flash re-application
(£ POA, £150-£765, Half Head or Full Head customised at consultation)

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