Relaxing-Waxing for Men

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Men’s Relaxing-Waxing

Let’s face it, hair removal can be tiresome, but waxing is a quick, easy and effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair.  According to Men’s Health Magazine, Men’s waxing is becoming more popular: 69% of people feel more confident when they remove body hair – so it’s no surprise that waxing has become something of a male rite of passage.  No matter what the reason, hygiene or aesthetic, male waxing is now first on the list when it comes to men’s beauty treatments. 

Some of the benefits of waxing for men include:
To be more hygienic

To reduce body odour

Sports-related benefits for swimmers, athletes and cyclists

To improve appearance and enhance muscle definition

To increase self-confidence

Unlike other hair removal solutions, waxing removes the hair by the root, taking longer for the hair to grow back. Regrowth is softer and sparser, there will be no stubble or itchiness, so you have smoother skin for longer!

Pre-wax advice:
A few days before waxing, exfoliating either with mitts or a body scrub such as Aveda’s Beautifying, Smoothing or Rosemary Mint Polish will help remove any dead skin cells and lift the hairs from the skin making it easier to wax with the best possible results.  Please shower an hour or so before your appointment as this ensures there are no excess oils on the skin which makes it more difficult to grip the hair.

We advise you not to wax or shave at least 3-4 weeks before your treatment as the hair needs to be a minimum of 1/2cm long to ensure you receive maximum results.  If possible wear loose clothing, preferably cotton, so nothing too tight and something breathable.

What will happen during your treatment?
The area to be waxed is cleansed and if necessary products will be applied to ensure the wax adheres properly.  At JFJ we have two types of wax depending on the area.  Warm wax is usually used on larger areas or areas that need specific detail; this is applied to the skin and removed with wax strips.  Hot wax is used usually on more intimate areas as this can be less painful and is a quicker method, leaving the skin very smooth.  The wax is applied to the area leaving a ‘thicker edge’.  It then sets and is removed by peeling the ‘edge’ by hand.  After your waxing session, antiseptic soothing cream is applied to calm and reduce any inflammation.

Does it hurt?
I won’t lie, waxing has a momentary sting, which soon fades.  We try to ensure your treatment is as pain-free as possible!  As your appointments become more frequent, and the hair becomes finer, you will feel less of a sting.

After your treatment:
Your skin will be slightly red, which is common after a waxing session. The redness will reduce after a few hours; the more you wax the less irritation you will endure each time.  After your treatment, we apply an after-wax product, which is an antiseptic soothing cream or a refreshing Aloe Vera Gel.

If you can, wait at least 2 hours to shower and make sure it is not too hot.  In-between treatments exfoliate regularly to prevent ingrowing hairs.

Also avoid for 24hours:
Sunbathing, Sauna, Steam room, Jacuzzi, Sweating and tight clothing

Swimming, perfumed products and deodorants

Sunbeds and tanning

Having a body treatment such as massage

I promise you, relaxing-waxing at JFJ is as pain-free as it gets!

Ricardina x

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